zondag 2 juni 2013

Payza scammer adres

Stole 150$ from us by using frauded money:
Kareem Shabazz
7550 Wilshire place suite 1023
Houston, 77040
United States

IP -

i have already sent the goods out via ups. tracking number: H783 4491 996.
Wanted for crimes

Reported to the FBI as CC scammer

zondag 7 april 2013

Just a review I took from alertpaydirect.com about our webshop... Its awesome review, wish some people would do it more.
We all know, it's real hard to trust anyone or any site online. But, this site has proven it's legitimacy again and again. The good side of them is their active Facebook page which works better than an active forum. Another nice thing I like most is their Live chat option. You can simply have chat with the admin himself via live chat. I rarely get him offline. He is also available in googletalk (lrapshop@gmail). It's so easy to find him and contact him. I have made several conversion from within PP-AP-LR and every time I get amazed how quick they are working in exchange of this little fee! About buying product from them, I can say one thing that they will be more concerned about sending the products to you than you! Importantly, I see lots of guys who don't have paypal but want to purchase from ebay, amazon etc where paypal money is needed. I would suggest them to use this site to pay by paypal. I have chats with the admin very often and one thing I'm sure about what is the admin of this site hates scam and are seeking to earn money in a honest way. I love alertpay-shop. I'm from Bangladesh and I know Bangladeshi ppl needs this site's service very much. I will tell you what..THIS SITE IS TRUSTWORTHY. Thanks.

Fan pictures on our facebook

Fan's of lrapshop like sharing there pictures of the products they receive. Here is one of them!

Another one!

Our facebook, the other way to contact us

Our facebook is one of our most important proof pages that gives you reviews about lrapshop.com. It provides you also information on how we solve issues with service / miss deliverbles and other stuff that can go wrong. It is a open minded way to communiciate. http://www.facebook.com/alertpayshop Important too know is that we will not tolerate any swearing on our facebook profile. Messages like that will deleted and you could get in risk of being blocked.

vrijdag 5 april 2013

Lrapshop blog

Launched by three friends in 2010 we created lrapshop.com, alerptay-shop.com and libertyreserve-shop.com. Due copyright trademarks we went to lrapshop.com. Why? LR = libertyreseve, AP = alertpay. We will be launching our blog soon with the newest reviews about products, customer proof and other exciting stuff. Blog is comming soon!